Global Energies Inc

Company Mission

Our mission is to help solve the world's energy and water problems, while putting the power of the results into the hands of the people.

Explanation of the mission

As the world population grows; energy and water needs increase. Unfortunately, the increase in both of these is hampered by the means currently being employed. As we draw water wells down lower and lower in costal areas sea water seeps in and contaminates them. As we populate inland areas greater contamination of our surface and ground water exists. As more energy generation occurs from oil, gas, coal and nuclear we increase the risk to life on our planet. As all of this goes on a few individuals gain more power over the populous and often use that power to wage war or oppress the people. Our product does not increase pollution; it does not ruin resources, or deplete our precious supplies of water or energy.

We have the ability to make a change for the better in health, prosperity, happiness and security that no one has ever had before. We take that ability to heart and recognize the importance of our task. We can eliminate water born diseases from villages that claim a total of 5,000 children alone each and every day. We can make factories more profitable, villages self sufficient for water and power. We can clean up mining waste water thus making life better for all humans and wildlife down stream. We can open rivers so they return to their natural state and bring economic relief to those who need it most. And we can do all of this without oppressing the people, without destroying the environment and without raising costs.

No matter who you are or what you believe you have to see the good this will do an feel the responsibility to be part of it and make it happen. Thus our mission...