General Description

Our products consist of five parts:

1. The Water Current Generator (WCG)
2. Electrical Generator (EG)
3. A positive displacement high pressure pump (HDP)
4. Water Purification System (WPS)
5. Water Desalinization System (WDS)


Each of these components can be used separately or in conjunction with others making the system extremely versatile.

Each of these components is available in a wide variety of sizes and volumes further increasing the versatility of our system.

The WCG is available in sizes ranging from the size of a small kitchen stove to the size of a medium sized building. It will operate in water speeds of from .5 MPH to 24 MPH. It should be understood that the size is dependent upon the water speed and the faster the water, the smaller the size required due too the increased amount of extractable energy in faster water.

The EG is available in AC in 60 or 50 cycle, 110, 220, 480 or in a variety of DC powers as well. Outputs range from 1 KW to 640 KW per unit. Its purpose is to supply power to applications ranging from small remote situations to homes, villages or in combination to cities. Typical cost of production in 6 MPH water currents is less than 2 cents per KW based upon a 10 year life, (the unit should operate twice that long with little or no maintenance. Larger units or units in faster water will experience lower rates of cost.

The HDP was designed specifically to work with low speed and high torques produced by low head water currents such as we utilize with the WCG. It is capable of pumping to pressures of 900 PSI. Its size varies according to the application requirements. It is a required component in the WPS and WDS systems, but can also be used in Irrigation, Industrial Pumping and De-Watering applications.

The WPS is used to "clean" fresh water. Cleaning is a relative term and the WPS is versatile enough to cover most of that range. Potable water can be produced from highly contaminated water sources or the water can be cleaned enough to match current water flow characteristics such as clean mine water for return to a river flow.

The WDS system is used to provide both drinking water and desalinated water for other purposes such as livestock, irrigation and use in industry. Costs vary with each application as each has different requirements for the quality and content of the water supply but generally speaking a potable water desalinization system using our technology will cost approximately 39 cents per m/3 (1000 liters) depending upon conditions and location.

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