Electrical Generation

Global Energies Inc.

General - The water current generator is capable of generating electrical power in currents, as low as, .5 MPH or .224 m/s and up to 24 MPH or 10.7 m/s. The faster the water current the more power produced and the lower the cost. For example, 

“We are able to produce power in quantities of 150 KW or greater at less than 1.5 cents per kilowatt in a 5 mph water speed. Your actual cost of electricity will vary depending on what you must do with it after we produce it”.  

This makes our system one of the most cost-effective systems in the world where it can be applied.

Installation: Turnkey; we supply you with everything you need for generation, establishing Transmission is up to you. The Water Current Generator (WCG) is installed in the water and the electrical generation unit is installed on land at a point away from and above the water for easy land access and maintenance.

Maintenance: Maintenance is typically very low; replacement of generator bearings about every two years is the usual extent. Bearing replacement cost is minimal, typically only materials and labor, and is typically too low to effect detection in cost of production numbers.
Safety: All electrical devices including generators, switch boxes and other components are UL rated and approved. All electrical work is performed away from the water source. Safety devices and shut offs are standard.

Sizes: Units may range in size from 1 kW to 640 kW. Multiple units can be tied together or "ganged" to provide much larger electricity supplies where needed or desired.
Reliability: Reliability is invaluable in any product. Electrical power is no different. We want it when we need it and water generation is the only power source to be able to provide this 24/7, year in and year out with no raw input energy cost. The units are designed to withstand the hydraulic pressures exerted on them by the water currents. They are made of components specifically designed to function in a water environment including sea water, as well as, under UV without decomposition or failure. All bushings are self lubricating negating the need for manual lubrication or following maintenance schedules.

Information required: In order to meet your specific needs properly we need several pieces of information regarding your electrical requirements and your water source.

These include:

1.) Water speed.
2.) Water flow rate (or width and average depth).
3.) Variation throughout the year with highs and lows.
4.) Your highest requirement for power.
5.) Cycles and phase required.
6.) Any additional information you feel prudent.
7.) Are there debris factors we need to consider?

Applications: Electrical generation from our product is used to supply remote operations such as mining camps, research facilities, and areas where grids do not exist. They are used for vacation cabins and primary homes. It can be utilized by businesses, towns and cities to provide inexpensive reliable power. Consortiums can use it to provide income based power solutions to third world countries, cities, towns and villages. Islands can use it as well as resorts to lower the cost of energy production from polluting fossil fuels. It can be used anywhere that a water power source exists to lower the cost of energy, increase the supply and reliability of that energy and to eliminate pollution created by most other energy sources.

ECO Friendly: This is one product that will NOT harm the environment. Its inclusion in a stream bed provides no detriment to that steam bed. Fish and other aquatics are not harmed as the system rotates at a speed slower than the current. There are no sharp cutting edge fins such as; in turbines or props. It does not pollute and has no opportunity to pollute as there are no pollutants involved. Because it does provide structure to the stream bed it actually improves the environment for aquatic life.

Aesthetic Aspects: The WCG is submerged and the lines that run to the electrical generation system are buried, there is no loss of aesthetic value with this system. In addition, there is no hampering of water flows or restriction of river traffic. The units can be submerged below marine traffic.

Permitting: Many applications require permitting when devices are installed in a waterway, we have on staff, a permitting specialist; with more than 20 years experience in the field to help, and is part of our Consulting Service, making this process easier.
Alternative Installations – Canals or Channels exist throughout much of this Country, as well as, the World and can be ideal locations for the production of sustainable Energy.

Consider this simplified example and imagine what resource might come to your mind:

Assume you have a 1 mile stretch of open irrigation canal to install our Water Current Generators in, at 100 feet apart. Also, assume the water current is sufficient to utilize our WCG units that produce 150kWh of Energy. This would give you approximately 53 WCG units @ 150 kWh each = total hourly production of 7950 kWh X 24 (hours per day) = 190,800 kWh per day X 365 (days per year) = 69,642,000 kWh annually divided by 1000 = 69,642 MW of Energy produced per year. Certainly, an impressive number for 1 mile of irrigation canal usage that changed nothing related to the function of the canal or its ability for irrigation; consider further that you won’t see the power system and there are hundreds of thousands of potential miles of irrigation canals, channels and rivers to install these units into in the United States alone.

As another simplified comparison, a typical Wind Energy project of the same capacity and production output would need to be comprised of about 10 Windmills with a name plate output of 1.5MW each in an area allowing 54% efficiency = about 70,956MW of annual production at an initial equipment cost of about $22 million, (plus an annual maintenance and overhead cost of about 4% per year), compared to an estimated cost of less than $7 million for the Water Current Generator package above, with an on going estimated maintenance cost of less than 1.5% annually. And you won’t have to look at the WCG production system.

Don’t get us wrong. There are hurdles to overcome, but consider the above scenario and the potential for all parties involved (including the consumer) to benefit, the hurdles may not be as high as one might initially believe. Anything is possible if there is a will and commonality of purpose between all involved parties. By providing us with your specifics we can offer specific solutions to increase productivity and reduce production costs.

Just from a National Security standpoint an Electrical Generation system of this nature is well worth investigating and investing in, as a Nation.